Here you will find some info about me in how I am generally with every one on earth and what I basicly do with my time here.

Hello... My name is Paul I was born in the souther part of africa and used to live there for 28 years.

When I was about 28 (two weeks before I turned 28) I moved to the Netherlands and here I am at the present day.

Well I got here and what was I doing here is and was a great question seeing the weather and the way people are around here

I used to be good with computers and well I couldn't get a work in that kind of opportunity so I was a truck driver for some catering

company and delivery’s over the west-east-north-south rand and pta area. I loved it except for one day.

That day I hate with every thing I have here. But hey I got the opportunity to come over here and work and play around and learn what

I know today.